Hi, I'm Chris Paynter.

I'm a software developer and solution architect, working in the web and native application space, across all layers of the software stack. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I'm now based in Helsinki, Finland.

I work with businesses that have identified opportunities for tech to provide valuable solutions to difficult problems. I do this in small, medium and large companies, including startups and agencies.

Across the last 10 years I have worked in many industries, such as telecommunications, government, music, travel and health care, resulting in a proven track record of successfully applying my skills and knowledge as a software architect, developer and team leader.

I have the necessary skills and experience to form the concept for a digital product (design thinking based workshopping), architect a viable solution (solutions architecture and prototyping) and implement a customer ready solution running on global production grade infrastructure (back end/front end coding, DevOps) . I can and have done this many times, both as sole developer, as well as in multidisciplinary teams.

I love slotting into teams that are creating top tier products, and are in need of a friendly and seasoned developer to join them in making those products even better.

My work is design driven.

I’m a developer by hand and a designer by heart.

I subscribe to Dieter Ram’s 10 Principals of Good Design just as much as I do to the software development S.O.L.I.D and DRY principles.

My skill set and volume of experience allows me to cover an unusual amount of ground as a single developer. This enables me to lead technology projects with a strong holistic understanding of the entire problem and solution, from the customer's needs, wants and desires, to the actual lines of code that bring the products they use to life.

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Not just web and native...

My enthausiasm and curosity for technology isn't limited to just web and native applications.

In the past I have led the creative technology department for Australia's biggest independent digital agency. I've learned about and experimented with many (then) emerging technologies, such as such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Chat Bots, OCR, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things and lots of other exciting stuff.

I like to continously develop my understanding of how technology is evolving and shaping the future… a key part of the thought leadership that I bring to the work I do.

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Outside of tech I'm…

Spending time with my S.O, playing or listening to music, learning more about economics and trading, eating and drinking at a new bar or restaurant, learning the hardest non programming language (Finnish), travelling (of course), and working on my own side projects.

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