Working together

I might be the developer you need if…

You are a startup, small to medium sized business, agency or corporate team, and are working on a new or existing web app, native app, or website.

You need a friendly and experienced software professional to:

  • take on project work that you don't have available internal resources for or...

  • slot into an existing team to help increase the resulting value and speed of delivery of a project or...

  • work with your new or existing business as an individual technical collaborator. You don't need a full tech team at this point, but need someone with the diverse skills required to take your ideas and turn them into an actual product that customers can use, and that you can test your hypotheses and grow your business with.

You need this person to really know their way around frontend, backend and/or DevOps technologies. They should be willing to learn new technologies that are required to deliver the product you need, and they must have a track record of being able to do so quickly and efficiently.

You need a developer that has plenty of prior experience in technology product development and deeply understands how to create products that customers will actually want to use.

You need a solution architect that takes pride and care in their craft so that the software architecture they deliver has the functionality required to meet your needs now, but is supple enough to meet your long term needs as your business and product evolves. Especially because you're unsure what that might look like.

You need a personable tech professional that can communicate complex topics in an easy to understand way with you, your customers and your stakeholders.

You need a developer that can help you and your team navigate the inherently complex and uncertain nature of creating technology products that people will actually enjoy using, and ideally pay for.

You have experience with (or are at least comfortable with the idea of) remote working arrangements*, provided you still get the results you need.

You are looking to engage someone in a short/long term contract or a freelance engagement.

Sounds good?

Let's kick things off with a chat

* I have a proveable track record of working and communicating reliably and effectively in a remote fashion (even across time zones with 10+ hour differences for months at a time), and can be brought on location when required.