Code In The Cinema

As part of the yearly Melbourne International Film Festival, General Assembly partnered with the festival to run a free tech focused event, with all welcome.

My talk was focused on machine learning, and specifically, how it is being applied in the realm of chat bots. The idea was to counteract the (at the time) negative and fear mongering rhetoric around A.I, and show people who had no idea about it, that it was a fairly simple concept at the surface.

To really drive this point home, I decided to do something insane and build a chat bot from scratch, live in front of everybody.

The chat bot could be interacted with both by text and voice, and it performed simple commands such as turning a LIFX bulb I had on stage on and off, and changing colors.

It was build using API.AI (now called Dialogue Flow after a Google acquisition), and based on feedback after the presentation, it really helped demystify the concepts of machine learning and chat bots.