Design Thinking

I studied thought leadership at a business school, and spent a year consulting with startups and small companies in design thinking.

For a while, I put down the developer hat in order to fully immerse myself into design thinking, and develop my abilities in communication and consulting.

This experience enabled me develop a skillset around developing, communicating and selling ideas.

Whilst I loved my time consulting, eventually my desire to get back into a hands on approach to technology prevailed.

I no longer consult soely in design thinking. However, it's very strongly integrated in everything I do, and it's had a huge impact on the way I build tech products.

You can download a white paper that I used as a sales tool for my services below. It's a bit outdated perhaps, but it serves as a good representation of my thinking on the topic, as well as my aesthetic design sensibilities (I designed and created it).

It also has a goofy photo at the end.

Download white paper