Working with a Melbourne startup, I helped to take an entrepreneur's idea of easier ridesharing for kids from a white board concept, to a production ready MVP.

Lean Methodology Tech Lead Architect Xamarin .NET Core REST API AWS Hockey App


Parachuute is a startup which came to Deepend to create a ready for production prototype to get their ride sharing business off the ground.

The Parachuute app helps reduce the chaos of family life. It enables parents to use their trusted networks to solve their kids’ transport and other needs, allowing the parent to literally be in two places at once.

The application allows parents to add people into their trusted network of drivers, with known phone number based verification. Once in your network, you can ask people to pick up your kids from one location and drop them at another, for example from school to football practice. Drivers can also send out offers of available seats in their cars.

A backend adiminstration interface was also provided to allow Paraachute to support customers, and get reporting.

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