Place Panda

An accidental share housing startup that created a big enough ripple in the real estate industry that we were driven out of it.

Startup Founder Full Stack .NET AngularJS AWS

I founded Place Panda with a development friend. It was actually a bit of an accident, as at the time Angular JS was still in it's infancy and we wanted to create something purely for the purposes of learning it. This became one of the first sigle page apps around using Angular JS.

Place Panda Some of the place panda visual assets that I designed.

We shut Place Panda down about a year after going live. Whilst experiencing some promising successes, we created a stir in the existing share housing market which caused the bigger players to put a lot of money into advertising to drive us out (as we were told late one night in a bar by one of the people responsible for doing so).

We were both solution architects in both the front end structure and the backend, but in this case I took on more of a UI focused role, and I also designed all of the visual branding assets such as the logo and color palette.