Scenic International

A world wide touring company with three brands, and the requirement to consolidated multiple web systems into one connected platform.

Deepend Full Stack Architect Tech Lead React Redux Sitecore Salesforce

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Scenic International is a world wide ocean and river cruising company, operating 100s of tour variations across three brands ‐ Scenic, Emerald Waterways and Evergreen Tours.

Right from the get go, this was a mammoth project that required 12 plus market/brand specific web properties to be built, that integrate with Scenic's existing API.

I was the architect for the project, and over the course of a few months my Deepend team and I met up with the global Scenic International team, in Manchester and Sydney, to clarify requirements and create a short and long term product road map.

This was an extremely important technology project for the company's long term success. Thus, it was crucial we got the foundation of the Sitecore platform in a place that would support the company's growth across many years

This has been one of the most challenging, and at the same time, satisfying projects of my career.

It's a story that continues to unfold, and I'm enjoying seeing the foundation I built grow from afar.