SEN 116

An Apple number 1 sports app that brings live radio content from the station directly to the user.

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SEN 116

SEN 116 approached us with the requirement to create a live streaming radio application, in the lead up to their campaigns for the up coming AFL Grand Final (one the biggest sports events of the year in Australia).

The biggest challenge for me was to take the raw audio data from the audio encoder they had on premises, and turn it into a highly available and reliable audio stream that could be consumed by the application, and potentially other clients later on.

With the grand final approaching, the pressure was very much on.

After some very dry reading, a lot of experimentation with bit rates and codecs on the server side, as well as much trial and error using custom Cocao bindings with jPlayer on the Xamarin app side, we ended up with a solid application that met SEN's requirements, became the #1 sports app in the Apple App Store for some time, and enabled many people without a TV or reception in their area, to follow the game.

It now operates as an important channel for the station's content, and it also earns the company ad revenue as well.

A simple UI that abstracts a lot of complexity. Very satisfying.

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